I have opened the ‘Subscriber Only’ membership area. This area will ONLY be available to subscribers and will include audios, videos, subscriber only specials, products that are for your personal use only, tools to help you with your website design, and much, much more! Plus you will receive discount coupons for ALL products created by me, discount coupons to my membership sites, and discount coupons for most of my services. You will receive information on how to access this area once you have subscribed to DWWD Newsletter. PLEASE NOTE: If you unsubscribe from DWWD Newsletter, you will lose PERMANENT access to this area.

If you have any questions or comments, PLEASE post or use the ‘Contact Me’ form.  I will try to answer as many questions as possible using a post.

Check out DWWD Blog for more information on Website Design and Development.

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Member’s area

I will be updating the member’s area this week, adding many new subscriber only audios as well as subscriber only free products.

PLEASE NOTE: I usually sent a new Freebie Friday product to my list every Friday. That product will now be available ONLY through the DWWD Newsletter Member’s area.

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IM Audios

I have just finished setting up the MRR option to all available IM Audios which includes all that are currently available as well as any future ones.

You can either listen to the audios with user only rights or purchase MRR so you can give these audios away to grow your list, sell them individually or in a package, or even sell MRR.

These audios are available at no charge on http://DWWDIMAcademy.com. The MRR option is also available on that site. You will automatically be enrolled in my affiliate program by purchasing the package.

PLEASE NOTE: You can join my affiliate program so you can sell the package even if you do not purchase the package. You will then receive 50% commission for every package you sell, payable on the first of the month, 30 days after the guarantee period expires. Become an affiliate by joining at http://DWWDHq.com/del. You will then automatically be enrolled in my affiliate program.

Plus, you will find links to all my products under the Promote tab which you can also promote and receive a commission.

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IM Audio Courses

I am now posting ALL free audios to DWWD IM Academy

Check it out and listen to one or more audios of your choice.

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Buying A Domain Name The Right Way

When it comes to making your online presence known, buying a domain name is one of the first things you need to do for your online business. With so many free options available online, many people mistakenly think that they will be just as successful (and save money) by going the free route, but there are a few problems with that line of thought.

For one thing, when you are relying on a free blog, no matter which platform you are using, you don’t own a thing. If the service that provides the blog, say WordPress, decides that they don’t like something about your blog, they can shut it down and they don’t have to let you know they are doing it or even why they are doing it.

Another problem using the free methods is that you can’t get a good domain name. You want your own unique domain name not a hybrid name tacked on to the end of the free service you’re using, it just looks more professional to have your own name.

Domain names are inexpensive and easy to buy so there’s really no reason to not buy your own. With sites like GoDaddy.com and DomainCheapsters.com plus many more, you can get a domain name for as cheap as $15 a year or if you buy many at once you can get the price down to less than $10 each.

Besides establishing your online presence and creating a professional look, when you buy your own domain name you can actually flip your website and sell it. It’s the same concept as when someone buys a house, fixes it up and sells it for a profit. There are sites online that will allow you to place your site up for sale, Flippa.com is one of those sites.

Just buy a good domain name, put up a site, get some traffic (and hopefully some sales) than list it on Flippa and make some money. Think about it, if you only paid $15 for a domain name and a little bit for hosting, and then you sold the site for only $200 that would be a pretty nice profit for such a quick and easy sale.

When it comes time to picking out your domain name there are a few simple things to keep in mind:

1. Do keyword research to find a list of keywords associated with your niche that get a lot of traffic every month. Then try to get one of those keywords, exactly, as your domain name. For example, in the niche for cat toys let’s say I found a great keyword that gets a lot of monthly searches without too much competition: cheap cat toys. Than I would want to use that as my domain: CheapCatToys.com. That way my domain name is highly searched for that keyword which will guarantee quite a bit of free, highly targeted, traffic.

2. If all of your marketing efforts are going to be online I wouldn’t worry too much about the extension. I’ve had equally good luck using a .com, .net, or .org. All my marketing efforts are with PPC or article marketing so no one needs to type in my domain name, they just click on a link which is why I don’t think the extensions matter too much. If you are going to be marketing in such a way that people would have to actually type in the domain name to find your site, it will make more of a difference.

Treat your online business like a business and establish your online presence and professionalism by buying a domain name. The cheap route can work in a pinch but as soon as you can afford $15 or so, buy your own name.

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How To Create A Video Squeeze Page

A video squeeze page is a great way to start building relationships with your customers and potential customers right from the get-go, even before they enter their contact details. While a standard text squeeze page with a compelling headline will work just fine if done correctly, a video is sure to draw your visitors in before they even start to read your page.

The video that you add to your squeeze page can be a demonstration of your product or service, or it can be a welcome from you, yourself, or maybe even a testimonial from someone else. It is generally recommended that a person appear in the video because the customer then gets a feel for who he or she is dealing with, rather than just the product or service that he or she considering handing over his or her contact details for.

Making a video that influences your audience to do what you would like does require some thought and effort, and possibly a little bit of training. The actual video creation itself involves conceiving the idea, shooting the video with professional equipment, editing, and text that will enhance the video. Now, if you are just starting out, you can very easily use a video squeeze page template, or you can hire someone to help you do a more customized, professional job. Keep in mind that experienced squeeze page designers will be able to tell you right away what works and what doesn’t, therefore saving you a great deal of time.

It’s also important to note that your page should be search engine optimized correctly with the right keywords and keyword phrases. You can also do this or learn how to do it on your own, but again, a professional can really help you out with this aspect of your squeeze page as well in terms of saving you time and effort.

As with text squeeze pages, this video type of squeeze page will have four main elements: a compelling headline (along with a pre-header and a sub-header if you decide to do it that way), bullet points explaining the benefits of what you are offering, testimonials (optional), and the opt-in form. Your page should be simple and uncluttered, and it should be very obvious what you want the visitor to do. Often squeeze pages will have arrows pointing to the opt-in form, for example. And your call to action should be in the video as well.

If you aren’t ready to invest in a professional designer, you can go for the many video squeeze page templates that are available today online. You’ll be able to find hundreds of these by doing a search on Google. In most cases, there is space provided for the video on the left, with the opt-in form on the right. Just embed the video, change and add the text as needed, and you are off to a good start with your new squeeze page.

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