Announcing My New HTML Workshop

I am in the process of creating a HTML multi-part online workshop.

Here is the introduction.

Let me know if you are interested in either the live or recorded workshops and I will add you to the notification list!

This workshop is a basic introduction to common HTML tags. There will also be a workshop on using advanced HTML as well as one on using tables, another on basic CSS and yet another on advanced CSS.


The best way to learn HTML is by hand writing the code using Notepad, Wordpad, or Note Tab Light. These are text editors which will save the document in the proper “text only” format with .html or .htm file extensions. Since HTML browsers can ONLY read text you must save only the text when you save an HTML document or web page and nothing else such as page margins, font type, etc. PLEASE NOTE: I will be using HTML-Kit 292 (which is an HTML editor that you can download at no charge HERE. Be sure that you download HTML Kit 292 and not the trial version of HTML Kit.) to demonstrate the HTML tags in this workshop as it allows me to preview what the page will look like in my browser.

Why use Notepad and not some fancy editor such as Dreamweaver? The answer is simple – you want to learn about HTML, not about an HTML editor. Some editors hide the HTML code from you so you’ll never really learn about HTML coding. While some editors do a very good job, at some point you will need to know a little HTML. Please Note: I personally do use Dreamweaver but since I also know HTML, I do edit the code.

Although it is not recommended as they tend to change the formatting of lines, making it more difficult to write HTML codes, you could use a word processor as long as you are able to save the code as text or with an .html extension. If you use a word processor use “Save As” every single time you save and be sure to save in text format. Add the suffix .html if you’re using Windows 95+ or MAC, .htm if you’re using Windows 3x, or .shtml if you are using Server Side Includes (SSI). However, HTML-Kit 292 and NoteTab Light are free so I suggest using either of them before using a word processor.

If you forget and use “Save” instead, the document will be saved in the default format which is usually .doc. As some word processors will not allow you to re-save the document in the proper .html or .htm extension, you would then need to discard the document and start over from the very beginning. (TIP: If this happens to you, open a new blank document and copy and paste the source code of your document to it, then save in the proper format. You may need to rewrite and/or edit some of the codes but this will save you the time of completely rewriting your document.)

If you routinely use an HTML editor, this workshop will teach you how to better utilize this tool by demonstrating what the HTML tags are and how they create different effects on a web page or in a document.

HTML editors often add unneeded codes which add to the size of your web page and thus the download time. These extra codes are known as “dirty code”. If you know something about HTML codes, you’ll be able to delete the extra codes, thereby decreasing the loading time of your web page. You’ll also be able to clean up any errors made by these editors.

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Donna Walsh has been an internet marketer since 2005.She has published numerous articles as well as several books about Internet Marketing.Join her newsletter at for informative articles and information about Internet Marketing.
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Donna Walsh has been an internet marketer since 2005. She has published numerous articles as well as several books about Internet Marketing. Join her newsletter at for informative articles and information about Internet Marketing.
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